Raw Food Apple Celery Juice : Healthy Body Detox Guide

Raw Food Apple Celery Juice : Healthy Body Detox Guide

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Apple Celery Juice by Elizabeth Kapadia, PhD. GWAH Healing Way Institute, Inc. A delicious healthy natural juice made from apples and celery … raw food juice detox foods juicing recipes GWAH Elizabeth Kapadia health lose weight osteoporosis nutrition

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Yes, a masticating juicer is better than this one…sometimes you don’t know if these people are just trying to sell what they are demonstrating. However, what she is saying about celery and apple juice is true! Notwithstanding the kind of juicer she had, she did a good job with this as far as nutritional information goes.

can you blend the apple with the skin on?

hmm interesting, well thats pretty cool

There is a difference. When juicing without the fiber it goes straight to the blood stream. When using the Vita-mix you have the fiber and it takes more energy to digest. The blends are great for cleaning the colon out and for healing as well. But in my healing I used both juicing and blending. Dr.Walker was the pioneer of juicing and Dr. Ann Wigmore the one of blends. Hope this helps. Thanks for you input as it gave me a chance to explain further. Love & light elizabeth

VITAMIX is the best, keeps it all you lose nothing

Isn’t a masticating juicer better than a centrifugal? I thought centrigual added heat and oxidation.

I am glad you liked it and it is what you needed. Remember to stay as green as you can, present , and celebrate your life.Enjoy the recipe. love & light elizabeth

Laura I am so very glad you liked the recipe. I apologize for the delay on the response, but we moved our center to a more central location. Enjoy, stay green, and present. love & light elizabeth

I am so glad you liked the information. We moved our center so I apologize for the delay on the reply. Enjoy, stay green and present. love & light elizabeth

just want I needed – - great information.

I am so glad you enjoyed it. More to come. Have a beautiful day! love & light elizabeth

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