How Does Ebola Infect Humans

How Does Ebola Infect Humans

Carriers Of The Virus

Short-nosed fruit bat species including large Flying Fox and big. In Africa, the majority of these kinds of animals carry the virus in his body, including the Ebolavirus. Unlikehumans, bats are immune to the virus. Because it is often used as foodstuffs, a virusfound in the meat of the bat can easily infect humans.

Hidden Threat

Scientists report published in the journal PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases mentioned, most bats in the Ebola virus takes a long time and often come into contact withhumans. Another thing is the bat that has contracted the virus migrated to Central Africa.

Other Animal Hosts

Ebola virus containing the animal off the bat also keeps the threat. When a bat-shapedfruit urines are not digested completely, other animals such as Antelope ormice could take the leftovers. That way the Ebola virus through the spread and surrounded theman.

The Root Of The Problem

Wildlife in Africa are often hunted for food. Known as the “Bushmeat,” wild animal meatis processed and sold in traditional markets. But most of the animals carry a variety ofviruses.

The Threat Of Infection

Cara mengolah daging dianggap sebagai salah satu sumber masalah. Manusia bisa terjangkit virus hanya dengan bersentuhan dengan darah atau lapisan kulit dalam hewan. Bahkan di Eropa pun manusia dilarang menyentuh kelelawar tanpa sarung tangan, kendati jenis virus yang dibawa jenis kelelawar di benua biru ini kebanyakan tidak berbahaya.

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