Hot water bottle.

Hot water bottle.

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Some ''Medical uses'', for this very basic piece of equipment.

A hot water bottle is simply a rubber bottle which is usually ''oval'' shaped with a removable stopper which is used to fill the bottle with hot water. Many people became accustomed to them as children after their mother wrapped one up in bed with them when they were ill with a cold or the flu. For this reason as good as any,they are ''a comforter'' and a ''psychological help'', to many.

Use a ''Hot Water Bottle'', to releive pain.

A hot water bottle can be used for relieving ''pain'', ''aches'', ''menstrual cramps'', ''muscle'' or ''back pain'', and they are used to warm a baby crib. Many ''heating pads'', are electric and, especially with children, it is unsafe to use electricity. The uses are many and varied.

Can be used in places you require.

When trying to warm a child it is better to use a ''hot water bottle'' than a ''heating pad'' because of the ''electricity'' around the child. Considering that a heating pad has a cord and a plug there are places you can not use it .

No fire risk, with Hotwater Bottles.

Unlike a heating pad, a hot water bottle does not pose any fire hazard because it does not produce an electromagnetic current, that the heating pad does. Many times you need to relieve the pain before, or to bring about, sleep.

The use of a hotwater bottle is ''flexible''.

A water bottle''s heat will eventually fall off, so sleeping with one is safe. If falling asleep with a heating pad it can become dangerous with the high amount of heat on one area for hours at a time. The practicality of having a hot water bottle is useful when you need heat and do not have electricity.

Minor injuries during sporting events are great times to keep one around when you need instant heat. Other activities when it is practical to have a hot water bottle around are camping, on the golf course, or on the road.

Use a ''Hotwater bottle''on long trip, by car.

Many times on long road trips the back can become sore and one way to loosen the back to relieve the pain is to slip a hot water bottle between your back and the seat. Unlike heating pads a hot water bottle is malleable and fits to the area of body which you need heat applied. This is especially true for back pain as many positions can be more comfortable as it depends where the pain in the back comes from.

Offers soothing warmth and comfort.

The hot water bottle can be put in any position and at any angle giving heat to the needed part of the body. For a small child a hot water bottle can add comfort on a cold night. Children often toss and turn freeing themselves from the sanctity of their blankets but a hot water bottle near their body will keep them warm for hours. A hot water bottle is the most natural and safe way to apply heat to the body. Whether you are using it with a baby or an adult it offers soothing warmth and comfort.

Hot waterbottle is a sure and safe help, for so many ills.

  • Such a simple device but often, so effective for the relief and comfort, when needed!