Xtream PACS

Xtream PACS

The PACS solution that meets your budget has finally arrived! Xtream PACS offers a cost-effective PACS package starting with 4TB storage to acquire and distribute images, enabling hospitals and imaging centres to achieve filmless environment.

Xtream PACS combines the archive and retrieval management, DICOM viewer, reporting templates and CD burning capabilities all into one box. For your peace of mind, data backup and restoration function is available right out of the box.

Automating workflow is made easy by integrating Xtream PACS’s Worklist Server to your existing HIS/RIS. Xtream PACS also support creation of worklist by manual entry of patient information.

Xtream PACS’s client offers superb image manipulation including angle measurements, high quality zoom, length measurements, and image comparison, image display, study comparison, Window/levelling and Cine Loop.

Xtream PACS’s rapid reporting with text and images using pre-defined templates and customizable medical dictionary. This improves the speed radiology reporting and creates professional looking reports for referral or filing. Images can also be burned to CDs or DVDs directly bundled with image viewer making the process environment friendly..

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Xtream Lightbox

Lightbox DICOM Gateway is a very powerful and cost effective solution to connect a single modality to the hospital network. Lightbox complies to DICOM 3.0 and it can connect to any DICOM-compliant PACS. Lightbox acquires images from Non DICOM standard medical equipment including Ultrasound, Endoscopy machine and C-arm. The images are then converted into DICOM format and send to the PACS Server.

Lightbox supports DICOM Worklist to increase departmental efficiency. The doctor or technician using the modality will select a patient from a list of registered patients. All relevant patient demographic data will be automatically extracted out of the worklist.

The patient demographic is then incorporated into the DICOM folder together with the medical images generated and sent to the PACS Archive. This eliminates time normally required to enter patient demographic data manually and reduces any potential error to improve operation efficiency and patient safety.

Lightbox is functional right out of the box. It is equipped with two foot pedals for acquisition of still frames or video. Pre-defined and configurable templates are provided to get users productive immediately. Medical terminologies are provided for rapid entry of reports of which the users can update easily. User can print professional looking report with text and selected images or burn to a CD / DVD for the patient.

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Xtream Print

Xtream Print converts your favourite Windows based application data into a DICOM 3.0 format to upload to PACS archive. The entire process is similar to converting your document to PDF with the advantage of selecting which patient the document belongs to improve patient safety.

Xtream Print provides the capability for hospitals to convert non-radiology images (e.g. Microsoft Office document, JPEG file, PDF file) into DICOM 3.0 format and upload to PACS server making them easily accessible online.

User may choose to scan multiple documents (imaging orders, insurance cards, lab reports, handwritten notes), convert into DICOM images using Xtream Print and upload them as a series of images to the PACS for that particular visit. These scanned patient-related documents and images will then be made available online to facilitate the patient care process.

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